Funding & aims

Sefton Council applied for funding from the government Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as a part of their Air Quality Grant 2018/2019.

This grant has financed the project including employment of a project officer, installation of a new PM2.5 (particulate matter under 2.5μg suspended in the air) monitor and promotional materials such as this website and the various leaflets which you may have read.

The project will target all areas of the solid fuel sector from residents with stoves up to those selling the stoves and fuels. The project will reduce PM2.5 levels through a combination of individual behaviour change and improvements to fuel and appliance market choice.

Mother and child at the park

Our aims

The project’s main aim is to minimise the Particulate Matter (PM) contribution from domestic solid fuel use in Sefton by…

Raising awareness

Through evidence gathering on number and location of properties using solid fuel and the monitoring of particulate matterm, we can raise awareness of the extent and impact of domestic solid fuel use in Sefton.

Reducing emissions

By raising awareness of the issues and by communicating and promoting good practice in partnership with stove suppliers, fuel suppliers and chimney sweeps, we can reduce particulate matter from domestic solid fuel use in Sefton

Improving public health

By reducing exposure to particulate matter from domestic solid fuel use and encouraging behaviour change among users of solid fuel, we can improve people’s health

Increasing smoke control areas

Improve the regulatory measures for control of domestic emissions through a review and possible extension of Sefton’s Smoke Control Areas