Building Regulations

It is vital that all stoves and flues are installed to the standards laid out in Approved Document J.

Approved document J provides practical guidance on complying with building regulations.

If you are carrying out this work then it is your responsibility to ensure it complies with the building regulations.


Competent Persons Scheme

Being a part of the Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) allows you to self-certify on certain types of building work. When applied to solid fuel stoves, a competent person can self-certify on installation of stoves and flue liners.

Other competent persons schemes may cover this area, however, the only specialist biomass, wood and solid fuel CPS in the UK is HETAS.

Below are some of the benefits of being a part of a CPS.

You do not have to have a building inspector approve your work and can pass the cost savings onto your customers! CPS also removes the need to inform the Building Control Body before the work takes place.

CPS provide peace of mind for your customers, if the work were to be non compliant then the CPS will provide financial cover to the customer.

You will also be provided with a recognisable ID card, this could be appealing to more vulnerable customers such as the elderly.

What if I don’t want to join a Competent Person Scheme?

That’s fine!
The difference is that your customers will have to hire a private or government building inspector to certify your work and will have to inform the Building Control Body beforehand. This will cost them a significant amount of money and may be a deciding factor between you and another installer who is certified and so can provide this saving for the customer.
These records showing that the work undertaken complies with building regulations will be very important when the customer wishes to sell their house in the future so is it entirely essential to have the stove signed off!



“HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety and the wider public  Interest in safe, efficient and environmentally  responsible use of biomass and other solid fuels”

A coverall website for quality assured fuels and approved retailers and sweeps. HETAS also recommend eco-design ready stoves and have the facilities to search a stove  model number to check.

HETAS are an independent and impartial not for profit which means they can be trusted to give consumers the best advice.

Being a member of HETAS carries many benefits, including the option for registered training, professional advice and the seal of approval to reassure customers.

Find out more about joining HETAS here.