Sefton Wood Allotment Association Survey – Prize winners!

Members of the Sefton Wood Allotment Association have kindly completed a survey recently. This survey looked at their interests and habits in relation to solid fuel burning. A big thank you is reserved for all members who took the time to complete this survey.

The Sefton Wood Allotment Association is “a community organisation set up by volunteers in conjunction with Sefton Council and Mersey Forest”. The volunteers cut down marked trees, this allows the remaining trees to flourish under lower levels of competition and as a side benefit, the members can increase their fitness through physical activity and are allowed to take home the wood that they cut down.

All members were given the option of leaving their email at the end of the form, those who did were entered into a prize draw for one of five moisture meters. A moisture meter reads the percentage of water in wood, when the wood is below 20% moisture content it is safer to burn as it burns more cleanly releasing more heat per kilogram of wood and less pollutants.

Our winners are:

  • Mark Richardson
  • Liam O’Brien
  • Mike Armstrong
  • Alan Hills
  • Malcolm Kent

All winners have been contacted and we hope they are finding their moisture meter useful!

The survey yielded some expected results which display the positive habits which are core to the group. Members who completed the survey have a high level of knowledge on matters such as fuel efficiency, drying and storage of freshly chopped logs and have a general interest in matters of conservation and sustainability of the Sefton and wider area.