New air quality monitor!

Today saw the installation of a brand new air quality monitor in Sefton!

The monitor is located in Crosby. This monitor will be used to track PM10 and PM2.5 levels but is capable of monitoring down to PM1. The PM10 function will measure all particulate matter (PM) within 1 cubic meter of air which are smaller than 10 microns and the PM2.5 function will be the same for all particles below 2.5 microns, these measure at 0.01mm and 0.0025mm respectively and so are incredibly small.

It has joined five similar monitors which are currently installed across the borough. The results of these monitors can be viewed historically and in real time over at Breathing Space.

This new monitor is the first to be installed away from busy roads, those near main roads focus on the traffic effects on particulate matter whereas the new monitoring station will focus on domestic influences such PM emitted from solid fuel stoves.