Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day (CAD) is a combination of multiple communities and organisations all joining together in an effort to reach as many people across the UK as possible.


CAD is usually held in June, due to COVID-19 the decision had been made to delay CAD until October 8th. Previously it has been celebrated by closing roads to have community street parties, as this is not suitable this year, most of the activities are talks which are being live streamed online.


Led by Global Action Plan, Clean Air Day brings together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to:


  •  Improve public understanding of air pollution.
  •  Build awareness of how air pollution affects our health.
  •  Explain the easy actions we can all do to tackle air pollution, helping to protect the environment and our health.

In 2019 more than 3,700 organisations and hundreds of thousands of individuals took part in 614 events across the UK. The campaign generated more than 2000 media items, and 45,000 social media posts.”


Clean Air Day 2020 has seen social media activity from your very own Sefton Council and higher up the chain with DEFRA publicising Clean Air Day and posting a short interactive quiz on their Instagram stories.