Suppliers & Retailers

As a supplier of stoves or fuels, you are on the frontline of this industry! Many customers will come straight to you for their information. There is currently a lot of bad press surrounding solid fuel burning stoves, by stocking stoves which are designed around the new regulations, promoting good practice when using stoves and marketing efficient, smokeless fuels, you will be able to show yourself as an eco-conscious supplier.  

Fuel suppliers can be covered by Woodsure’s “ready to burn” scheme. Woodsure is a globally recognised mark of quality fuel thanks to their rigorous certification scheme. Woodsure ensure that all fuel is sustainable and legal through on going assessments and audits. Although rigorous, they ensure that the system is practical and cost effective for businesses. Woodsure cover sustainable wood fuels such as logs, pellets, wooden briquettes.

It is now illegal to sell house coal or unseasoned wood (above 20% moisture) in quantities of less than 2 meters cubed. All seasoned wood and suitable manufactured solid fuels can be awarded 'Ready to Burn' status.

Many of the stoves that were created prior to 2022 are no longer acceptable for sale. Ecodesign stoves are independently tested to strict regulations to reduce emissions.

By selling non-complaint fuel, you can receive a £300 fixed penalty notice. If you continued after this initial fine, Sefton Council can take you to court for a more substantial fine.