Smoke Control Areas

Certain areas of Sefton have been declared as Smoke Control Areas (SCAs), meaning that only exempt appliances and/or smokeless fuels are allowed to be burnt in an effort to reduce harmful pollutants.

Across Sefton we have a number of areas designated as Smoke Control Areas. The majority of these are in the South of the Borough. You can check whether you are in one of Sefton’s SCA’s by using the Postcode checker below.

Is your property in the Sefton smoke control area

Certain areas of Sefton have been declared as SCA’s, meaning that you’re only allowed to use certain fuels or exempt appliances.

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What do I need to know if I'm in a Smoke Control Area ?

Avoid a £1,000 fine - Clean Air Act 1993

Fuels to use on an open fire or non DEFRA approved stove
Within a Smoke Control Area (SCA) you are only allowed to burn solid fuels authorised by DEFRA for use in SCA's often referred to as smokeless fuel. You can be fined £1000 for using a non smokeless fuel.
Install a DEFRA exempt wood burning/multi-fuel stove.
Certain stoves which are designed to burn efficiently and cleanly can be used within a SCA to burn dry wood and/or smokeless fuel. These stoves are known as DEFRA exempt stoves and can be used to burn kiln dried or properly seasoned wood in addition to smokeless fuels.
Buying solid fuels.
It is an offence under The Clean Air Act for both the seller and purchaser to buy or sell solid fuel to use in a non exempt appliance inside a building in the SCA . These fines could be up to £1000 for each incident and new regulations allow for easier enforcement.

For list of exempt stoves see DEFRA.

For a list of authorised fuels see DEFRA.


Get the best from your stove

Whether you’re a stove owner or considering installing one, make sure you get the right advice.

I am not living in a SCA, now what?

I’m not in a Smoke Control Area?

Even if you don’t live within a SCA it is still important to try and reduce the amount of pollution you emit if you use an open fire or wood burning stove.

Additionally if you are producing a lot of heavy, dark smoke from your chimney then your neighbours may still complain to Sefton Council that it is a nuisance and affecting their quality of life.

By following the advice and guidance below , even though you are not in an SCA, you can help reduce air pollution and protect peoples health and well being


Consider Installing a DEFRA approved or Ecodesign ready stove
DEFRA approved and ECOdesign stoves are much more efficient than traditional open fires and non approved stoves so you need less fuel to heat your room which saves you money in the long run

They produce much less pollution and smoke meaning you are protecting your local neighbourhood.

Use an authorised smokeless fuel in your stove or on your open fire
Smokeless fuels are more cost effective, they burn hotter for longer than their traditional counterparts and so save you money.

They produce less pollution so have less health effects on you and your neighbours.

Burn more cleanly meaning less soot within your chimney—soot build up can lead to the need for more regular sweeping and repairs.
Ensure your chimney is swept regularly
Regular chimney sweeping will Reduce your risk of chimney fires and allow your stove or fire to operate effectively.
Service your stove
Ensuring your stove is serviced regularly means it is operating efficiently and effectively Reducing the amount of pollution and smoke emitted and minimising the risk of smoke escaping from the stove into your home from ineffective rope seals or cracked glass etc.